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After an extensive global search that took me from Mexico near El Paso, Texas, to destinations like Turkey and Thailand, I eventually returned to Tijuana, Mexico. Despite nearly deciding on Thailand, I stumbled upon Smile Dental Clinic in TJ at the last minute, offering a remarkable special for both upper and lower dental work that beat all other estimates. I was particularly drawn in by Robert’s friendly demeanor, prompting me to visit in person.

Arriving eagerly for my appointment, I mistook the doctor who greeted me as Robert, only to discover he was Dr. Ricardo, my dentist. Our conversation was unhurried, and I became emotional discussing my decision to undergo full teeth removal and implant procedures. Dr. Ricardo, empathetic to my situation, recommended a partial approach initially, but I ultimately opted for the original plan given my age and circumstances.

Following this decision, I underwent a procedure to remove all teeth in one session, opting for local anesthesia to manage costs. Post-extraction, implants were promptly placed—four each for the upper and lower arches, acting as anchors for future teeth.

Smile Dental advised staying overnight in a nearby hotel (covered by them) for observation and to craft temporary dentures. Before heading to the hotel, the staff escorted me to a pharmacy for necessary pain and antibiotic prescriptions.

The next day, Dr. Tania swiftly crafted temporary dentures, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a proper fit. Subsequent appointments, spaced for healing, involved impressions for prototypes, with adjustments made as needed.

At the three-month mark, impressions were taken again, requiring a surgical procedure to access the implants due to gum growth—a typical occurrence. Following this, a multi-day process ensued to fit and adjust the new teeth, culminating in a satisfactory outcome considering the investment.

For those visiting, logistical tips included parking at Hotel Ticuan’s garage and utilizing the appointment system, Fresha, via email. The team includes Dr. Ricardo for implants, Dr. Tania for general dental care, and Roberto for excellent communication.

Reflecting on the experience, despite the necessary procedures and follow-ups, the outcome justified the investment, totaling $10k for comprehensive dental restoration at Smile Dental Clinical TJ. A follow-up is scheduled in three months, promising to update this account with further insights.

Additional advice included obtaining a SENTRI card (plan ahead as this is time lengthy process) to expedite border crossings, minimizing waiting times significantly—an invaluable asset for those planning return trips.

Henry Jacobsen

Met with Dr. Ricardo and couldn’t believe the how empathetic, trustworthy, and patient this man was. He really listened and addressed all my concerns (I’m sure I’ll have more questions for him later lol), and really feel comfortable about my initial consultation and my future dental journey I will be embarking soon. Highly recommended.

Henry Jacobsen


Excellent staff at Smile Dental Clinic.

Robert Martinez


Thank you Dr. Tania. So attending and so wonderful.

Sam Hanna

Thank you for your great service



Dr. Ricardo is awesome! Besides being friendly and efficient he is a true professional. In other words he knows his stuff. I will recommend him to anyone that needs dental work.

John Leonard


Always the best experience. Been going to this tennis since he was in a small little rundown building where with him and his wife. He’s a master at school getting more and more degrees and certifications every year. But even with all of that, he still just a great guy, and I will continue going to him until I die or he retires

George Lewis



Dental implants Smile Dental Care Clinic We’ll help you get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Smile Dental Care Center in Tijuana are a highly trained and experienced team of dentists, who continuously look to provide the most advanced dental treatment for dental implants available to their patients.

we offer all specialties under one single clinic, offering all on 6 dental implants,all on 4 dental implants, single dental implants, zirconia crowns, root canals,dental fillings, braces,dentures,dental cleanings and much more. give us a call at (619) 209-8194 to start the journey for your new smile. at Smile Dental Cara Center

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Smile Dental Care Center  are a highly trained and experienced team of dentists, who continuously look to provide the most advanced dental treatment available to their patients.
We work with the best quality of materials and equipment, with incomparable process, patients on average save about 50% to 75% on dental work compared to dental clinics in the US.
Our high standards make it our mission to see the patients are satisfied before leaving the clinic, which is why we provide a guarantee on all our work. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish and will guide you through every step of the way.